A Brief Description

Hi, I'm suspiciouslyBee, my pronouns are she/her. I am a cute honeybee on the internet! I like retro computing, and computer hardware is a special interest of mine. I also really like stationary. I am a bit of a nerd, I'll admit. :3

I am really bad at describing myself, so I tend to rely on how others describe me. That said people have told me I'm quite a bit of a mediator, and very reliable. I doubt that's really true though... I try my best to be thoughtful and I try my best to make sure the people I deeply care about are taken care of.

I like all sorts of games! I do spend a lot of time playing multiplayer games. Some games I love to play are TF2. My most favorite story game I've played is Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. That game is really fun and is a really powerful story, and it also made me realize I'm a bug (hehe). I also really liked Purrgatory! It's a short visual novel game and it made me Feel. Play it.

I used to study Computer Science, but I flunked out of financial aid. I hope to return soon! I had lots of fun programming C and whatnot. I really like C, I should program more with it (so hound me about it :P lol)


Site info

I wrote all of this website by myself, I even made this god damn background. I can't believe this is coming together! It looks so cute!. I would consider this website in Alpha stage I suppose, since this is now "feature complete" in a sense. I have a webpage now. AND GOD DAMN I MADE IT MYSELF! :D also IM ACE as hell