This Webpage

This website is entirely a project of its own here. It's really teaching me the basics of web design and web scripting. I wrote the entire thing from scratch from my previous website, which was more like a clunky carrd than a full-fledged website.


I am (slowly) working on a tactical RPG game with mothmageNebby. It's sort of similar to Fire Emblem. But like, our take on it. It's going to be stylized with paperlike elements, and have many cute bugs. Currently we are still in the writing stage, and I am trying to learn Godot. Here is a link to the DevBlog.

Untitled RPG

This is an RPG I am making myself. It's still in the conceptualization stage. It's supposed to be my take on paperlikes, and other RPGs that utilize action commands. It's going to feature 2D elements in a 3D space, and have a thrilling story.